App crash on Android when adding new entry (after session ends?)

I’m having a problem with my Bitwarden app on Android. Using fingerprint lockup which works good. However, I noticed that when adding a new entry the app suddenly crashed. After fiddling around a bit I realised that when a certain amount of time had passed (or maybe it is after I logged in from another device, not sure yet), it seems like my bitwarden session ends in some way. When I try to press sync in settings, it says sync failed. A logout and new login with password+2FA solves the problem, and the app crash when a new entry is added only happens in this state - when the session seems to have ended.

Anyone else experiencing this? Or having ideas of the mechanisms behind? Is there some kind of time limited session, which is NOT updated by fingerprint login but instead needs a full new login with username, password and 2FA? It’s a bit of a problem since the value of the fingerprint/fast lockup functionality gets quite limited when a full lockup is required for the app to work as expected…

Any clarification welcome! :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!