API key new key

Due to the API key, when a new API key is created, what is the data (? Time? Random number) that is used to generate a new key

Is that new key sent to every device that I’m signed in on?

Is that new key sent to a new device that I’m signing into?

Do I have to remember the new key?

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Hello @tdg2430i9u and welcome to the community,

Bitwarden has two types of API keys, the Bitwarden Public API which provides access to manage organizations such as collections, users, group, etc.
As well as the personal API key which is used to manage items in your individual vault for your account.

Depends on which you are asking about and what your requirements will be for which you will need.
Either way though it should not be needed for most day to day applications unless you are needing some further advanced use-cases.

when i went to the post you are referring to, it is from 2018, and then my post was autodeleted from there.

is that intentional that no new posts on this topic are allowed

Was this related to the following post and help requested here?

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