Anybody here who comes from Roboform Everywhere

Good Morning, good day or good evening, wherever you come from :wink:

I am in a decision process between Roboform Everywhere and hosted Bitwarden. Is there anybody out there who came from Roboform and can tell me, why you decided to switch to Bitwarden?

Important for me is that you decided for the hosted Service and not because of the Self Hosting Option.

For me, it is not a price question because both, RF and BW are affordable (with 5 y option for RF and discount). Important for me is the Emergency Access Option which both have.

I am in an apple Ecosystem and RF seems to have much better Browser Plugins on my Mac while the app of bW is better.

On my iPhone I like the RF app more and the web app has a clear winner: BW.

So it is a head on head race :laughing:

I would be glad for some deeper impressions from people who know both more than me.