Any point to desktop app? I have 100's of password in Lastpass

I just downloaded BW & got my Lpass passwords into the web vault. But I emailed support & while I got 3 emails telling me it was easy - it became clear even tho I said I wanted to import Lpass to BW Desktop the replies were about the Web Vault. Unless I am too dense to find a way to import either LastPass or a CVS file into the desktop. So if not I am supposed to spend weeks manually adding one at a time? I did a search on import but got 100’s of older posts.


Imports are currently only supported on the Web vault.

It’s important to note that the Web vault is still an application on its own (just JavaScript) and still encrypts all your data locally, even upon an import.

Hi Robert - it sounds like you were successful at importing everything into the Web vault. Is that correct?

If so, you can just login to the Desktop app now (or any of the browser extensions) and Bitwarden will automatically sync all the content seamlessly. There should be nothing more for you to do. :smiley:

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Yes all my Lastpass is showing in the Vault. But it does nothing to desktop app even tho I have synced it. It shows Zero passwords. And yes it shows I am logged in. Again what is the point of the desktop app?

What should happen is that all your credentials should sync automatically. Are you certain your web vault still contains all the credentials you imported and that you are using the exact same Bitwarden login/password on the desktop app?

If so, I would contact Bitwarden support as this is not expected behaviour: Contact | Bitwarden