Any chance Bitwarden can use a USB-connected Yubi on iPad?

Been thinking about purchasing a new iPad Pro which has the USB-C connector so I can use my Yubikey 5c in it. Thus far I’ve not installed Bitwarden on a mobile because I use Yubi-based 2fa, but can also use it in fido u2f mode if that matters and either one is an option.

Anyone? I think I once bumped into something on reddit saying this now works but the UI was tricky. But I was tired and just gave up.

Perhaps it was bitwarden or another app, “they” said that Apple will not let the app use the usb-c interface and until Apple allows this, they cannot support it.

Any word on this?

The 2018 iPad Pro with USB-C severely restricted what could be done with that port. The 2021 M1 models change that quite a bit, and you can use many more kinds of USB-C device, including keyboards. I have not tested this myself (have the M1 iPad Pro, but not a USB-C Yubikey.)

Tested it on my M1 iPad Pro with a USB-C Yubikey (5C NFC). Could use it to login into the Bitwarden App.