Another request for "prompt to save password" clarification

Today when I prepared to post this question, I tried to login here. Bitwarden had several saved logins, but none of them were accepted.

Perhaps they were Google login credentials, because I then selected “login with google account” and it worked.

I have this forums credentials backed up on another password manager. So I logged out from here, and then manually logged back in here successfully with those credentials.

To my surprise, Bitwarden did “not” prompt me to save this sites credentials.

How can I expect a Bitwarden prompt to save logins elsewhere when it doesn’t even do it here?

What am I doing wrong?

Hey @bituser, did you disable your browser’s native ability to manage passwords?



BTW, I use Firefox 100, not Chrome, if that’s a factor.

I just tried the same thing in Chrome. Same result.

I’m wondering if a password must be generated to initiate a prompt to save?

Hey @bituser - are you running two password manager extensions in the same browser? If so, they may be conflicting and the other extension is taking precedence.

@dwbit, @dh024,

No, I quit LastPass for Bitwarden, which, ironically, for me at least, did a better job of this than Bitwarden.

I use Keepass desktop/android as a backup and for other chores.

Are you saying that you have consistent success with Bitwarden prompting to save passwords?

Also, I don’t know if this applies, but I’m not getting any pop up warnings or stuff like that.

Are you running many other Firefox extensions? You could try disabling them temporarily to see if there is any interference.


I suppose that’s the logical next step, if there are no BItwarden settings options that I am not employing correctly.

However, In the past several months since I started using Bitwarden, I’ve had a small handful of times when I did get the prompt, so I can’t explain that.

I don’t recall exactly, but I believe I already tried it in a fresh browser. Maybe I’ll try it again.

Let me know how it goes, I do see the prompts, but I typically use the Firefox sidebar to do all my password management.

I tried the fresh profile, and it worked fine. Only for this site, but that’s evidence.

Are you aware of any addons in particular that present this problem? Since it’s happening in both Firefox and Chrome, I’m gonna compare what they have in common.

Time to start disabling. I’ll be back.

It was the Popup Blocker Ultimate addon. It never gave me any popup alerts, as I think one might expect.

As soon as I disabled it, I got the prompts.

I wonder if anyone could recommend a reliable popup blocker/manager?

Glad you got it sorted! Firefox handles all the pop-up blocking on my end.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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