Android URI Selector

It would be nice to be able to set URI’s for Android Apps using some sort of picker form rather than trying to find the package name and paste it into the vault.

This would make it much easier to autofill logins on Android for me as my workflow at the moment is the following.

  1. Select “Autofill with Bitwarden”
  2. See that there is no entry for this app.
  3. Copy the URI that has been created for the new login.
  4. Leave the app and open the vault.
  5. Open the actual login for my app, paste the android app URI
  6. Autofill password.

When Bitwarden displays no entries for the app, have you tried searching for and selecting the correct login? BW should then offer to autofill and save the app URI to that login entry.

I second this. This is especially useful for apps that require to set a PIN of some sorts, e.g. the Signal messenger. Such forms sometimes do not use the standard keyboard, so I cannot setup the Bitwarden entry from there. Instead I have to create the entry in the Bitwarden app and enter the androidapp://... manually. A picker of some sort that lets me select an installed app and looks up its URI would be really convenient.

For URI, go to Google Play and go to share an app. The URI is everything after ?id=

By the way, if you change Signal pin mode to alphanumeric, you get a traditional password to set. Much recommended.