Android Timeout set to 4 hours - not working

I have set the timeout for the BW app to 4 hours a while ago and I have been suspicious it was not lasting that long but I wasn’t sure.

Just now it only lasted for about an hour - what gives? - is there some trick to getting the setting to work?


Great question!

If you close the app, it will also lock your vault, since the reference to your key in memory (tied to your open app) is removed.

Would it help to set the battery setting to something like No Restrictions, so that it would keep on running?
If “yes”: Have you got any experience if this would make Bitwarden become one of those “big battery drainers” ?

The phone stays on permanently (a Pixel2xl) except for the odd times I run out of charge and my extra batteries are also out or I don’t have them with me. So as far as I understand it, once the app is open and logged into, it should stay open unless I reboot the phone?


Where do I do that? - I can’t see it in the BW Settings nor the Android Settings . .


On my phone it is under: Settings → Apps → Manage apps → Bitwarden → Battery saver

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I’ve tried this and have found the same issue as @philip_rhoades - it doesn’t seem to honour the timeout setting on Android. I’ve had this issue on more than one phone (Pixel 3XL and Pixel 4a).

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On my Pixel2xl (Android 11) it is under:

Settings → Apps → Manage apps → Bitwarden → Battery Optimisation

Thanks! - I will see if that makes a difference . .

And, the answer is!:

No . . I was logged out after an hour instead of four hours . .