Android share action for attachments

Today, I wanted to make digital copies of some documents to safely store them in bitwarden. Coming from any app such as a document scanner or camera, it is currently not possible to directly upload the files to bitwarden. Instead, I have to store the photo somewhere on my file tree (which implies extra steps for some apps - think “export” feature) and then search for the file in the bitwarden app using the file dialog.

Therefore, I would suggest adding a new share action or extending the current functionality of the share (in Android). Another action called e.g. “Attach to entry” or “Store safely” could create a new entry of a chosen type or attach the file to an existing entry. (That I disagree with having files only as attachment is of course another topic.)

This would benefit mobile users, as this is more in line with the ergonomics of the mobile OS’s and eliminates the step of looking for a file on the file system that you typically have at hand in another app (which supports sharing of this file).