Android - Logins - 3 dot menu to right of each line

Ok, go to Logins where you get a list of all your saved logins, to the right of each line there is a 3 dot menu which when pressed shows you a dialog for that account containing links for
Copy Username
Copy Password

GREAT. Very useful to just copy the password.

But from this full list if you then do a searh so you can find the login you want from a long list, the 3 dot menu on the right of each line does show but no longer works. I am positive the 3 dot menu used to work in this situation. Could we have it back, or is it the subject of some other Option selection chnage I have missed.


Hi @Christopher and welcome to the community,

Thanks for being on the lookout and your post about this issue. This is actually a bug that the Bitwarden team is aware of and has been previously acknowledged in a bug report on GitHub.
A fix was implemented and this should be patched in the recent release 2023.4.0 but this may take some time for it to get updated on your device’s app store.

I do apologise for wasting your time, new in here and it aint the simplest place to navigate :slight_smile:

Not a waste of time at all, the community here is for users and members to discuss topics and vote on feature requests with some light engagement from the staff at Bitwarden.
They use the discussions and feature requests to help drive feedback on the product and make improvements.

GitHub is where the code lives and is open-source for anyone to see. That is also where it is best to report bugs as this will help get the issue in front of the eyes of the devs more quickly to replicate and resolve.

Again thanks for being on the look out and for the report though. Hope you stick around :slightly_smiling_face: