Android - Login into Apps no longer working

About one week ago I had to uninstall the Bitwarden app on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 8) because of sync issues and @kspearrin told me to do so.
Here I first removed in the system settings the cache files and the local files and then uninstalled.

After reinstalling the login into applications via Bitwarden is not working.
If I open for example the Cerberus Client and focus the field “username” then no Login message in the notification bar is shown.

I enabled Bitarden in the Accessibility settings (in German: Eingabehilfe) but this does not help.
I also went into the system settings -> Apps -> Bitwarden and here all notifications are turned on.

Is there an assistant in Bitwarden that checks what system settings need to be changed?
How do I get it to work properly?