Android login error

I just joined Bitwarden because of the new LastPass fiasco going on. I just installed the app on my Android phone and I get this error when I try to log in.

An Error has occured.
Exception message: The operation was canceled

I’ve been trying to log in for the past 10 minutes and have force stopped the app and also cleared the cache. I’d like to get up and running on here since I use my phone a lot to log into things.

Thank you!

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Welcome Ashley to the forums,
I haven’t heard of this before. You should get in touch with the Bitwarden team at Contact | Bitwarden

Reboot your phone and try a different network (WiFi vs. mobile).

Hi @kittia,

Can you please tell me what happened with this? Did connecting via mobile work, while through Wi-Fi it did not?

Thank you in advance,