Android Beta Feedback - TOTP not working (self-hosted, premium)

Cloud or self-hosted?: self-hosted
Device Type: Samsung Galaxy
OS and version: Android 14
Bitwarden version: 2024.6.1 (11139)

It is not possible to use TOTP in the beta app in a self-hosted environment even with subscription enabled

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Connect to self-hosted instance with premium subscription
  2. Try to use a TOTP

The following screenshot shows the beta application indicating that a premium subscription is required to use the TOTP:

beta app

However, this is working in the non-beta app.

Hi Breph,

Can you confirm if other premium features are working for you? For example, attachments or File Sends? This will help us to understand if the issue is specifically TOTP related or general to premium status.

Hi Micah,

yes sure. Looks like it is general to the premium status, both attachments and file sends are not working (with similar error messages saying I need a premium subscription)

Thank you for checking that. We’ll look into it.