Android auto-fill and their behaviors

I don’t use IOS, but I am pretty sure that autofill probably worked better or at least simpler compare to Android. There seems to be multiple autofill methods and it’s confusing.

  1. Accessibility - this seems to turn on a feature used originally to probably allow users with physical disability to use Android through a screen reader. Because Android did not have a password manager framework, they piggy back on this framework. Originally, I think this shows up as a notification that you can select and when you selected it, it filled in the fields. One issue with accessibility is that you are routing input through the accessibility interface, which can be considered a security issue if you are routing through a malicious app.

  2. Draw Over - with android 6, a new feature was added where you can draw over an existing app. The password manager than improves accessibility by drawing controls on the fields so it’s more intuitive to select.

  3. Auto Fill framework - With Android 8 (oreo) or later, android started to have api that app developers can use to autofill fields in a similar manner as draw over.

  4. Android inline fill - with Android 11 or later. Appears to try to improve by suggesting items that can be filled. Because the data can be sensitive, the data display is often censored out with asterisk.

Because different family member use different version of android this can get super confusing when supporting them. Can someone answer some questions on the Bitwarden

What are the limitation of each method? Can accessibility look up and match an entry or do you need to have the Oreo level framework?

Thanks, I already read through that and the post include info from that article. I was talking about the nittygritty part of using it.