Android app with Authy: Once logged in the text size becomes huge

I’ve set the Authy 2FA, both on my Desktop PC and on my recently bought smartphone, a Xiao** Redmi Note 11. ( an amazing machine for a relatively low price these days, I’m quite impressed)
On this Android phone, once connected to BW the font of the vaul becomes huge. Does anyone know if it’s possible to do something?
I doubt of it. I’m gonna ask to the support.

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once Bitwarden is restarted, the issue disappears.

If the situation changes, please post more. I enabled a larger font on my Android, and BW’s fonts keep going larger and back to “normal” by itself. I’d love to know what triggers the larger/smaller font display.

Hello, I changed the font size to M and everything came to normal. I think that the bug happened right after an Authy 2FA I did set last night. I’ve done it on all my devices and everything worked well.
I 'm happy to have done that. It’s a little complicated to understand at first glance, but it works, I’ve understood the big picture of it, and I feel that my vault is now more protected. Of course my master password is very strong. No need to say.
By the way, if someone can tell me why I ended with two Bitwarden lines in Authy thx. Could I delete the first one without any consequences? The only way to know about thing’s is to try them. It requires time, for sure. But be careful. You can also create a temporary second free Bitwarden account to experiment. :smile:

The important thing about using 2FA is to write down your recovery code and keep it safe. If your other 2FA methods aren’t available, you’ll always have this as a backup. You should also back up your vaults so that if things go really wrong, you can delete your account and create a new one with the backup.

If you have two lines of BW in Authy, you can quickly switch between them. If they both show the same number, you can use either one. If they show different numbers, you’ll need to figure out which one is correct and delete the other one.

Glad things work out for you.

Hi. I have printed the Authy codes.
Interesting thank you.
You also say that it’s important to backup the Bitwarden vault ?
Thank you.