Android app preference for apps that should not be targets of autofill

Bitwarden always tries to autofill the shell prompts in app Termux
This is completely unwanted.
Bitwarden should provide in preferences, a user managed list of apps that should be left alone, as regards autofill.

@Johan_Widen Hi!

If you can get an app-URI for Termux (androidapp://…) , then you can add that to the “auto fill-blocking list”. See here: Auto-fill Blocked URIs | Bitwarden Help Center

There is a tip for getting the URI. A workaround I often use is: in the app you want to block now, try to create a new vault item for the Termux app (via Bitwarden mobile app). In this process, the new vault item contains the corresponding URI. Copy and paste the URI, discard the new vault item and use the clipboard to add the URI to the auto-fill blocking list.

Thanks, that worked!
I got the URI by starting termux, then immediately got the pesky autofill suggestion, in a requester from bitwarden. I pressed the bitwarden requester, which opened bitwarden, then I immediately choose to add a new entry in bitwarden, this new entry had the desired URI autoinserted: androidapp://com.termux
I then followed the following instructions: Auto-fill Blocked URIs | Bitwarden Help Center

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