Android App Logs In but won't Sync

So I got a new tablet for Christmas - One of those cheap, generic Chinese tablets on Aliexpress running basic Android 11. Works great actually for most things. We have a self-hosted bitwarden server at work on our Synology (bitwarden.* and it’s working fine. All of our other devices log in and sync just fine.
This new tablet, however, will log in, but will not sync. I just get a “Sync Failed” message. I poked around the settings a little for a log, but couldn’t find anything. The Firefox extension on the same device syncs just fine though, as does the web vault.

Any thoughts? Do I need to install any cert from the Synology?

Hello @Abba_Sou and welcome to the community,

Can you confirm you are running the official Bitwarden server release?
Typically the Bitwarden server does not run on a Synology NAS unless it is an Intel based Synology, or you are running the new Bitwarden Unified Beta which does support ARM CPUs on most Synology devices.

You may instead be running an unofficial 3rd party server which is known to have some issues with clients such as the mobile apps and browser extensions.

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Just try logout and login again. most of the time it would solve my problem.

So can confirm we are using vaultwarden. Like I said, every other device, including mac, windows, android, ios, browser extensions, etc., are working fine. Just this one device will log in, but will not sync. Any ideas I can try?

Tried. Can login, but will not sync. Maybe I’ll try uninstalling the app altogether and reinstalling.

Hey @Abba_Sou best to check out other community spaces for the third party support. You might also be interested to know that Bitwarden has launched Unified into beta, a lightweight and customizable self-hosting solution.

Vaultwarden is not a Bitwarden product, so your best bet is to go to the Vaultwarden community for support: