Android app closing when copy password button pressed

Loving Bitwarden since I recently moved from LastPass and the Chromium extension works perfectly. However, on the Android app, whenever I press the copy button for a password in any entry, the app immediately closes without the password being saved to the clipboard. I’ve tried a reinstall but no difference. Any help appreciated as this makes the app pretty much unusable at the moment.

Galaxy S21 Ultra on latest updates.

Android 11 ? Please take a look at this:

I wonder why Samsung users are facing these problems with Bitwarden🤔

Thanks, I guess I’ll wait until the new update.

Thank you Peter for noting this. Though a BitWarden “Developer Evangelist” did respond to me in February when this initially occurred and acknowledged the issue and said this issue would be corrected hopefully from the “13th-18th or so”, I’m wondering why there are so few announcements and threads from Samsung users, and more importantly from BitWarden keeping us informed of this major issue…

About projects: They are done, when they are done. Any announcement that mentions a specific date usually only turns into either a disaster or a disappointment. A disaster if the developers are put under too much pressure just to get it out on the announced date. Then the test crew will not have had enough time to actually take a good look. And a disappointment if users are waiting on that day, but the developers just found something that needs to be fixed. Therefore: Just be patient. It is worth it.

I now have this problem on a Samsung Galaxy S10e