Android app can't save changes on home WiFi


I’m using the Bitwarden app on Android (Google Pixel 6a). When I’m on my home WiFi, I find I cannot save any changes to my vault. All I see is “Saving” for several minutes, then it times out with “An error has occurred. Exception message: The operation was canceled.”

If I switch off WiFi and use mobile data, saving works fine.

I’ve reset both my router (Linksys) and cable modem (Netgear) several times, and don’t see anything in the settings that would seem to interfere with Bitwarden.

Bitwarden may be detecting your external IP address as suspicious. The usual solutions are listed at Unusual Internet Traffic | Bitwarden Help Center. Resetting your router may help, but only if it changes your external IP address (you can check your current IP address at Some users have been able to get their IP addresses whitelisted by contacting Bitwarden support.

Another potential solution, which is not listed on Bitwarden’s website, is to enable IPv6 on your network. Once you have enabled IPv6, you can check to see if it is working by visiting