Android app and Firefox Mobile extension overlap

I’m using Bitwarden on Android (Nokia 5.3, Android 11), having installed the Bitwarden app itself – Auto-fill services enabled – as well as the Firefox Mobile Bitwarden extension.

When I’m browsing and I want to log in, the two instances (i.e. the app and the extension) overlap.

If I log in using the app – which I’ve configured to offer suggestions through Gboard – then the mobile extension asks me if I want to save the password of the very same site (the very same userId/password) the Bitwarden app just auto-filled.

On other occasions, if I log in using the extension, then it’s the app that gives a pop up offering to save the very same password the extension just auto-filled.

This isn’t a deal-breaker of course, but it’s annoying. What is the reason the app/extension doesn’t recognize it already has the password saved? Can’t this be fixed in some way – other than removing either of the two?