[Android] Ability to dismiss fill with Bitwarden browser popup

I recently needed to reset an account password. The Bitwarden popup kept obscuring the form fields and the submit button on the web page, no matter how much I tried to get around it. I had to zoom in until the submit button was huge so I could tap it. This was annoying and time-consuming for a process that should have been quick and easy.

It would be great if you could include a way to dismiss or move the popup when it’s not wanted.

To clarify, I’m not referring to dismissing after forms are already filled but when trying to manually enter and submit new information in blank fields.

If this is from the autofill accessibility service, it may not be controllable - @mp-bw may know. If you’re on Android 11 or better, the keyboard fill option may be better.

Additional note: I was on a site that would not let me paste a new generated password; I had to type it out, along with identifying information, all while the popup kept getting in my way.