An update channel option for less frequent non-security updates

I’d like the opposite of a beta program - the main functionality of the Bitwarden desktop client is not regularly updated, but every few days Bitwarden wants me to update the client. This is resulting in a boy-who-cried-wolf effect for me, I would really like to keep my password manager up to date for security purposes but I have no idea when I’m actually keeping myself safe or when I’m delaying logging into something important for something minor, so I end up skipping updates in a rush and I don’t feel comfortable with this. It would be easier if the releases were less frequent, or if this were optionally offered in the form of an update channel.

Hi @madrxx Thanks for sharing and understand the request. Bitwarden releases are planned every month or so. Sometimes there are more frequent updates for security patches or client application fixes. You can see the details of release notes at Release Notes | Bitwarden Help Center