"an unhandled server error has occurred" when attempting to login

Ok, I did search the forums before posting this. It does appear this particular error happens at more than just one area or function within bitwarden.

I just installed bitwarden into an AWS EC2 instance. (I’ve never done this before and trying to learn AWS at the same time.) I have setup bitwarden following these instructions.


I setup a dns A record to the public IP and opened up the ports.

So, when I go to my login URL, I get the bitwarden page to login. But, I put in my credentials and, after a minute or so, I get the error “an unhandled server error has occurred.” I tried rebooting my ec2 instance and that didn’t help.

Like I said, this is all new to me. AWS, EC2, Docker, etc… all new. I’ve heard all of these keywords for a while now and wanted to learn it… Just hadn’t gotten to it yet. This maybe is a good intro to it.