An ability to launch a site in a NEW window

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    ** Searched but didn’t find anything equivalent. I might not have been using the appropriate search terms. Apologies if this is duplicate.
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    ** Done

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    ** Launch into new window

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    ** This feature would enable a means to launch a Bitwarden stored Login into a new window of the same browser.
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    ** It would allow better organization of windows based on the task being performed.
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    ** Done

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    ** Not that I could find.
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    ** Just seems like it’d be useful. Most browsers support opening links in other tabs/windows, so this seems like a short coming in Bitwarden.

Hi @gmills2822,

This should currently be available within the applicable app version, desktop, mobile, browser extensions, or web vault.

All that is needed is to add the URI for the site you would like to associate with an entry. This is also handy for auto-fill and keyboard shortcuts.
Once the URI is entered, the Launch option will default to the first URI listed. You can view the entry and additionally launch any other associated URIs as shown below.

I do that all the time. I love that “Launch” launches in a new tab. I was specifically requesting the ability to launch in a new window.

That should not be too difficult to just catch something like having pressed Alt, Ctrl or Shift.

Ahhh I see, thanks for the additional information.
I could see how this would be beneficial, possibly as mentioned could be done with a combo keyboard shortcut, right-click context menu, or long-press in the mobile app.

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I’ll leave the implementation details to the professionals. It would be cool if you could detect the browser and use the associated “New Window” key.

Shift - Chrome, Bravo, Edge, Firefox
Don’t think Internet Explorer has a short cut for opening links in new windows (or if you even support IE).
Not an Apple person, so have no idea about Safari.
Other browsers?