Am I ready to convert to Argon2?

Hello. I am new to BW, still learning, and hope I am posting in the right place.

I have the premium membership version of BW, and installed it on my Win 10 laptop, two iPhones, and two iPads. I saw the messages about switching from PBKDF to Argon2, and checked the versions of BW on my devices:

as of 4/8/2023
|Bitwarden version
|Dell Inspiron Win 10 desktop app|2023.3.2
|Dell Inspiron Win 10 Firefox extension|2023.3.0
|Dell Inspiron Win 10 Edge extension|2023.3.1

|iPhone 8Plus iOS 16.4.1|2023.3.2 (3195)
|iPhone 7Plus iOS 15.7.4|2023.3.2 (3195)

|iPad Air 2 (A)|2023.3.2 (3195)
|iPad Air 2 (J)|2023.3.2 (3195)

Should I wait until all devices show version 2023.3.2 before turning on Argon2?

Then, am I correct in understanding that I should …
0. log out of BW on every device,

  1. go to the WEB Vault using FF browser on the Dell Inspiron
  2. export my vault to a couple of different USB drives and store them safely
  3. click on Change KDF to turn on Argon2 with the default parameters

Is that it – will the change propagate to each device and version?

Thank you.

The versions you listed are fine and support Argon2. Bitwarden should even log you out automatically on all devices upon changing the KDF, but if you want to be extra safe, go ahead and log out before changing. Other than that, the steps you listed sound reasonable.