Am I missing something or does Bitwarden not provide available login info as dropdown in password fields? I'm seeing them only in right click context menu!

Hello @Warden1 and welcome to the community,

I can understand there is a bit of an adjustment period so to speak of when moving to how Bitwarden operates, especially when coming from another password manager where things may be done differently.
You are correct that currently Bitwarden does not have support for a drop-down overlay pop-up interface, but there is an active feature request for this and something Bitwarden is currently researching development for as I understand.

If you’d like to support the proposed feature request you can feel free to throw a vote that way :slightly_smiling_face:

In the help article you provided, it also discusses the functions for keyboard shortcuts, Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + L as well as auto-fill on page load which may be some options that work better for you.
I know I personally utilize the Keyboard Shortcuts far more often than I ever interact with the extension directly.
Hope that helps

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