Alt+Shift+F: "last used" should also be "last launched"

The shortcut to fill a login form is usually not helpful where there are multiple logins to the same URL.

E.g I have multiple PayPal accounts. Say the last account I used was “user-1”. Next time I want to login as “user-2”, so I open this one in the vault and launch the URL. Both vault entries of course have the same URL. When the login page opens I hit the shortcut, but it fills “user-1”, because it was “last filled”, but pretty obviously I want it to fill “user-2”.

The shortcut logic should therefore take into account the most recently launched item as well.

Correct me if I’m wrong but this was already requested (see below). I’ve already voted on that and suggest you put your vote there. I consider this more than just a feature request…it’s a bug as far as I’m concerned.