Allow using of TOTP within BW for users but hide the TOTP seed

Hi @all,

today I want to request a feature that concerns using BW in a team.

What do I have?
We are working in an IT company and we are using BW to manage account in our team. So far so good. We are using accounts of our customers to get access to their systems for maintenance, we are using accounts for support portals, and so on. All these accounts are used by multiple members of my team and for most of these accounts 2FA is activated. To let the user use TOTP within bitwarden I have to let him see passwords, I can’t hide them. That’s not a problem because sometimes it’s needed to see credentials if the login isn’t possible via auto-fill. But: If the user can read the credentials he can also read the TOTP seed.

What do I want to achieve?
I want to discuss the fact that sometimes members leave the team. Of course, I will disable his account in BW. But what if the leaving member copied all seeds before he left the building? I don’t want to change hundreds of passwords only if one member is leaving the team. I want to achieve the user is not possible to copy the seeds but should be able to see passwords and TOTP codes because this is needed for day-to-day operations. Keep in mind that exactly for this requirement hiding the passwords is not a solution.

What is my idea?
It could be easy: Just let only administrators see and change the seed of a TOTP entry and show only the TOTP code to all other rule levels.

I really what appreciate it if this could be a feature you can add. I’m really happy with BW using the payed version with my team, but the management of TOTP in this matter is not optimal. And yes: I know that fact that storing the TOTP at the same place could lead to a reduction of security but if we only use accounts with a minor impact if they get compromised this could be the way.

What do you all think, wouldn’t it be worth making BW a bit more secure in handling TOTP in teams/companies?


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