Allow sending credentials to other apps on android instead of clipboard

I would like an option to send the password or other fields to other apps instead of copying them to the clipboard. Even if they are deleted 10 seconds later, all apps have immediate access to anything on the keyboard. I have two apps that allow me to use my phone as a Bluetooth keyboard. One of them is inputstick, and the other is Bluetooth keyboard. If I could just send the credentials to these apps, it would be much more secure.

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Have you tried the drag-and-drop functionality? While viewing a vault item’s details (in the browser extension or in the Desktop app), use the left mouse-button to click and hold on the field name (e.g., where it says “Password” in a small font, just above your actual password value). The cursor should change into a “move” icon (4 arrows pointing up, down, left, and right), and you can the drag the cursor to an app of your choice. When you release the mouse button, the field value (e.g., your password) is transferred to the chosen destination.

See demo video.

Oh I didn’t know I could do that. Unfortunately. I’m trying to use the Android app.

I also loved using KeePass2Android with the InputStick-Addon on Android. It was easy to use and did what I would love to use very often. I migrated from KeePass to Bitwarden and indeed miss that feature very hard.