Allow re-ordering websites

Feature name

  • Allow re-ordering websites within an item

Feature function

  • Some user-interface for re-ordering websites within an item
  • Should be possible on desktop, browser plugin, or desktop app

Related topics + references

  • Adding multiple websites to an item is an especially helpful feature of BitWarden
  • I commonly have items with both a website (I can use from a desktop) and android uri (I can use from my phones)
  • Sometimes I am introduced to a new app / service through an Android app. When I create a new account and save it in BitWarden, the android uri is saved in the item by default. If I then use the website directly, and add it to the card, it goes to the bottom of the list.
  • If I want to navigate to the website of an item (another helpful feature), the first one is always the one that’s used. If this happens to be the android one, it doesn’t do much on a desktop
  • The only way to re-order websites now is to copy/paste between existing websites, adding a temporary one and deleting it after… kind of annoying.
  • I know that drag-drop reordering of lists can be a bit difficult to implement. A “move to top” button beside websites would be good enough and maybe easier?

Custom fields already allow this. For this to not be possible with URIs is weird.

Any field should be possible to designate as any type of special field (Password, Username, URI, and TOTP)” would remediate this, but what you suggest is more easy to implement.