Allow preventing "data-bitwarden-watching" to be added


When developping frontend applications now there is some hydratation and comparaison between what the server sent and what the browser has in its DOM. With my React DevTools it always fail with this error:

Warning: Extra attributes from the server: data-bitwarden-watching
    at form
(with a huge stackstrace, flooding my console logs)

Indeed, Bitwarden adds an attribute to tags. A hack for now is to disable any credentials that matches the current development URL. But I see 2 issues:

  • it prevents me to use my credentials into development applications
  • sometimes, for no reason, the error comes back, it seems there is a race condition where Bitwarden will still add the attribute

I investigated to use “excluded domains” in the bitwarden settings but it’s scoped to a domain “localhost” and cannot be selective for a “localhost:3000” for example.

Do you have a solution for this? A known class/attribute that prevents Bitwarden from manipulating the DOM? Hopefully I’m looking for something not specific to Bitwarden since LastPass also have this issue according to Google :slight_smile:

Thank you,

I just wanted to tag @subsiding5348 and @bit, who have previously inquired about the possibility of disabling content script injection (here and here), for different use cases. If they post here to support the feature request and describe their use cases, we can change the Feature Request title to something more general (like “Disabling DOM Injection”).