Allow empty space to be a word separator character for passphrases

The password generator, set to passphrase, has a neat option to change the word separator from the default “-” dash. It looks like any character is allowed except for empty space, which seems to me to be the next most-logical character people would want. Empty space is often completely fine for use in passwords and user names.

Note that you can enter a space in the word separator text field, it just doesn’t register as a character, so it’s also kind of a bug.

The space has already been supported. You can replace the default dash “-” with a space.
The disadvantage of the space key is that it makes a different sound when you press it so an adversary can know the length of your words.

Space seems to work just fine as a separator. What app are you seeing this problem in?

@kspearrin Ah yes, I forgot to include that info. I’m just using the web client. Chrome 71, MBP running 10.14.2. Doesn’t work for me.

Edit: I checked other browsers too and space is ignored.

Try to select a dash “-” using Shift+Arrow and then press space bar. This is work for me (Firefox).

I don’t actually understand these instructions. I’ve tried a number of things I think you mean, but I don’t get any results.

I’m also realizing right now that spaces are present when I use the copy button, it’s just not evident that spaces work in the generator text area.

I can reproduce the display problem in the web vault on Firefox.

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Let me know if you want me to file an issue on bitwarden/web.

Should be fixed next version.

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