Allow creation of parent nodes in a Collections tree

When importing data into Bitwarden, one may have data organized in folders like:

Root/Apps/App1 (parent - Root/Apps/)
Root/Apps/App1/Key1 (parent - Root/Apps/App1)
Root/Apps/App1/Key2 (parent - Root/Apps/App1)
Root/Apps/App2 (parent - Root/Apps/)

Currently, when importing, the sub collections will be created, but the parent nodes won’t - they need adding manually.

Would be nice if the importer could infer the tree structure from the import data and add all the branches from the start.

From which password manager did you import your data? I tried an export from 1Password and there are tags only which wont be switched to folders when importing to Bitwarden. So I had to move all of my entries in created folders named like the former tag name manually.

The import was done using the Bitwarden CSV format.

As I said the collections are created correctly, but on the app you won’t be able to fold on the parent nodes, until you add them manually.

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Sorry, I misunderstood…