Allow copying of address (and identity) fields in mobile app

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Allow copying of identity fields

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Identity fields are super useful for autofilling in the browser, but they leave much to be desired on the mobile side. On the mobile app, there’s no way to autofill these items, and you can’t even copy the formatted block that the app compiles.

The app conveniently formats the block for any use outside of filling fields - emailing, creating a shipping label, sending to a friend. It would be convenient if you could copy it in one tap, or by interacting with it.

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Brilliant! This is something I would also make good use of, I look forward to following your progress and sharing with the team :+1: Are you looking to develop solely for mobile or other clients as well?

I’m only familiar with the mobile app and the browser extension. Since you can copy the text with your cursor in the browser, I plan to focus on the mobile app exclusively.

Sounds great, thanks for confirmation! :iphone: :sparkles:

Why not provide the capability to all fields instead of only the address field? An identity in full use could have a bunch of other fields where copying would be worth while as well. For instance a name, a drivers license number, phone number, email address etc.

From the iOS mobile app you cannot copy any of those fields.

Great suggestion and I think that is the intention here:

(and identity) fields

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I see, thank you. I noticed for a secure note on the iOS app you can just select any text in the notes field. This selection appears to be using the native iOS selection, rather than a build in copy button, on the same note the name field can’t be copied or selected.

Is it easy to apply the same code to more than just the identity fields? Also keep in mind where selection of text would make more sense than a copy button. For instances notes on a secure note, you may not need to copy the entire field button only certain characters or words from a field.

Hey @BenPearo, just wanted to check in and see how progress is going on your contribution, let me know if you have any questions for the team!