Allow controlling the toast message/entry just saved timeouts

Feature name

  • Controllable browser “hold” timeouts

Feature function

  • Currently, the browser dialog feels VERY slow for entry/changes/etc - the toast messages hang around for way to long for a power user, and if you’re doing entry/update of multiple entries, the wait-edit-wait-edit cycle is tediously slow.

  • Please add ability to control this timeout so that for a user that doesn’t need constant reassurance of what was just done can have those dialogs go away very quickly.

  • ALTERNATIVE: Have them overlayed in a way that it doesn’t interfere with use of the UI - wider browser dialog, display messages below (vertically, not layering) the dialog instead of over top of them/etc.

If you just click the message it will disappear.

Yeah, but the constant messages covering up other UI elements when there is a TON of screen space available - just annoying - along with the extra clicks.

With the edit mode - it also has this anoying behavior of shifting the overlay half-the-height, so the place to click to close is not in a good place.

You said you were waiting for the messages to disappear on their own, so I thought I would try to offer a suggestion to help.