Allow Bitwarden to receive confirmation codes for recovery of online accounts

Hello, How is it, do I have a nice suggestion to add a similar or alternative account recovery method for the phone number Linked to your betweewarden account, and if your phone is lost or stolen, no one can steal your account Please vote

I would think that if a recovery phone number were implemented, your Bitwarden account could be compromised precisely in the case that your phone is stolen…

No I mean to have a special refund method from bitwarden
To replace the phone number in the accounts

I’m still not sure I understand what your request is, but if you would like your subscription fees to be refunded or applied to a new account, you can contact support.

No, do not look well, for example, in the Facebook account, the method of recovery is by e-mail and phone number
bitwarden adds a third way to recover a Facebook account
An alternative to phone and Mail

I’m probably still not understanding what you are trying to say, but if you want a third recovery method for your Facebook account, you would have to make that request to Facebook — Bitwarden has no way of modifying the Facebook software.

Also, it is not clear why you would need to recover your Facebook account, if you have stored your Facebook login credentials in Bitwarden.

Yes, I want a third refund method that Bitwarden adds
Not for Facebook, but for all accounts such as Facebook, Gmail or any account

I assume that “refund” is not actually the word you are intending to use, because the word “refund” means a repayment of money (i.e., a service provider pays you back the fees that you paid to receive the service).

Perhaps you can describe your idea in more detail using your native language, the we can try to use DeepL or ChatGPT to interpret your post.

I’m sorry, the translation is bad from Google.

chatgpt Translation: “I suggest a third recovery method for all accounts in addition to the phone number and email provided by Bitwarden.”

OK, the translation of your original statement is more accurate, but it lacks detail (so it is still not not clear what you are requesting).

Please write out a paragraph or a list of steps that describes in detail how you envision that this feature would work. For example, perhaps your step-by-step description could start like this:

  1. I have an account on Facebook (or another online service; I am using Facebook as an example).

  2. I have stored the login credentials (username and password, maybe also a TOTP authentication key) for the Facebook account in my Bitwarden vault.

  3. Something happens that causes me to be locked out of my Facebook account. (Please describe in detail an example of something that may cause such a scenario!)

  4. To recover my Facebook account, I currently only have two options (“Email” and “Telephone”), but these options are not satisfactory because … (Please describe in detail why currently available recover y methods are not sufficient).

  5. This Feature Request proposes that Facebook (and other online services) should offer a third recovery method, called “Bitwarden”.

  6. What I would like to happen is that when I select the “Bitwarden” option from the account recovery screen in Facebook, Facebook should…

Please continue the above description, and add as much detail as possible explaining your idea.

The recovery method as a verification tool from Bitwarden is not an authentication tool. It involves using a phone number, for example, that you can enter into your Facebook account or any other account, and it will send a code to your Bitwarden account instead of sending it to your phone number or email.

Contact me on Telegram if you want @XME229

Well, I think this is as clear of an expression of your feature request as we’re going to get:

I have modified your thread title to read “Allow Bitwarden to receive confirmation codes for recovery of online accounts” (original title was: “Alternative recovery method for phone number”).

Even if someone steals the phone or email, nobody can retrieve the redemption code except the owner of the Bitwarden account. Isn’t that a good feature?