Allow accounts to be switched faster in Clients



Currently if I want to switch between the Bitwarden instance we’re hosting at work and my cloud hosted personal one I have to do log out entirely, change the server address, log back in and go through 2FA.
It would be sweet if I could have both accounts saved and just have to unlock the vault I want to use with my master password and save all the clicks and typing.

Log in with multiple Bitwarden user accounts

Please check this request:


Heya, not the same thing. I wouldn’t want any linking to be happening, or deciding on any direction. This is purely in the clients and nothing else. I SHOULD have to do this manually in every client, as there are desktop clients I use on machines that are only for work and others only for personal.


I agree with @jvacek, these requests are different. I don’t want to have accounts merged or linked (or whatever you want to call it), but I do want to be able to switch between accounts quickly, particularly in the desktop and mobile apps. For browser, I have different profiles, so it’s no problem.


This would be huge!


It is precisely because of this capability being taken out of RoboForm that I started looking around at other options.

Highly motivated by the open source foundation has me making the transition to Bitwarden combined with what appears to be solid execution.

In RoboForm, they was called “Profiles”.

On the desktop interface, I could see it easily added just above the ‘Logout’ option within the ‘Account’ pull down menu. It could be titled ‘Switch Profile’.

Hope you consider this. I would love to see it added.