All items have morphed into one

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Hi - I put in various items and now each one on opening is the same. The title is still different when I look at it in the Vault but the info inside is all morphed and is my org’s Twitter detail. This is using Bitwarden in a Chrome Browser on a PC :sob:

If you imported your passwords from your browser, blame Chrome. This is how it stores and exports them. Not much that Bitwarden can do about this, unfortunately.

Thanks David, but it’s not the passwords only that are there, but the urls and the names of the login - it’s really odd. Certainly Chrome is misbehaving for me today and I have just reinstalled it after trying everything else. But the problem in Bitwarden vault is the same.

Also I didn’t import them, I created new items from scratch

Oh - you are right, @dh024 - it IS Chrome. When I look at them in Firefox, they are just as I created them. Sorry to be a nuisance :smirk: :disappointed_relieved:

Not a nuisance at all! This is exactly the place to come with questions just like this. So glad you got it figured out. :+1: