After master login on web-extension > open favorites immediately

1password has this feature, it is really handy.

Trying to switch over to BW but does not have this feature:

Immediately after clicking on the extension or logging into the web extension > show favorites, it saves alot of time (4 seconds and 2 or 3 more carporal tunnel inducing clicks each time the app is used)

I searched for the feature in the settings but could not find anyhting.

Hi Alex (@WasteEmu77) - welcome to the community forums!

In the Bitwarden browser extension, your favorited items are the first ones to display on the opening page. That’s all the most convenient Bitwarden client to use if you your favorites are mostly websites.

The Bitwarden desktop app won’t autofill your passwords, and the web vault app is mostly used for management purposes.

Have you added some favourites and tried out the browser extension for Bitwarden yet?

I imported my passwords from 1password vault, when I click on the extension icon the app ask for login, then after logging in it immedietely opens the wrong vault (not the favorites). It opens a tab that show the bitwarden credentials and creditcard credentials instead of my favorite logins.

Hi, I suddenly just realized the tab feature, sorry for posting this. it is there to show the login for the website that is active in the browser.

That is also a nice feature