After login it goes in background in 10-20sec and asks for password loop

Hi, I bought a new phone (OnePlus 10 Pro) and transferred my data from my old phone (OnePlus 8 Pro). After the transfer, Bitwarden didn’t work as expected. When I launch the app, it asks for my master password and opens up, but after 10-20sec, it throws me to my start screen and the app goes in the background. If I switch to Bitwarden, it asks again for my master password, I see the app for 10-20sec and I’m at the start screen again. I have tried to uninstall the app (remove data) restart the phone and install it again from Google Play to no avail. I even tried the APK Mirror method that somebody suggested to install an older version. Any ideas on what I can try next?

Hey there, you can open a ticket with the support team from the Bitwarden website.