After cycling through logins for a site, remember index and reuse it on the next page

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Feature name

  • Selective memory

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently? It improves UX for multi step login (one page username, one page passwords)
  • What benefits will this feature bring? Improve UX, faster login process

I use CMD/CTRL + SHIFT + L all the time to automatically fill in my login. If I have multiple logins for the same site, I press the key combination again to cycle through. This is really useful, but in case that it’s a login process that spans across two views/pages, it would be really useful if the next CMD/CTRL + SHIFT + L combination would automatically insert the last chosen login/password.

I thought the last used login is the default one next time you autofill - is that not happening?

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Yeah from my user experience too the last login used on that website becomes default next time.

You can refer the answer in a similar request here Cycle through multiple logins when auto-filling with keyboard shortcut?

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