Admin who dont see passwords

there is the role of “manager”, but he can’t create users.
And there is the role of “admin”. He can create users, but he sees all passwords.

Is there no way to set permissions so that I can create users but not see passwords (except my own)?

Hey @Christoph_Steffens, the Custom Role provides more granular user permissions.

Thank you for your answer!! <3

As an owner do not have access to such an role?
We host our bitwarden on our own server and use version 2.28.1

Why we don´t have the “custom” role??

Hi @Christoph_Steffens

Are you sure you are utilizing the official Bitwarden image?

Described here

Or here

If not you may have perhaps downloaded and installed inadvertantly an unofficial 3rd party software if you followed some other online guides. The software you downloaded may or may not be legitimate software, and instead works as a compatible backend for Bitwarden but it is not the official software provided by Bitwarden.

I would highly suggest you carefully review and understand what you are downloading and running when following any type of guide.
Careful vetting of software and code before being run is critical to staying secure. Especially if this is in a production environment of any sort.

You may have installed Vaultwarden, which as I understand does not have support for custom roles, hence why you may not see the option if this is what you downloaded.

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