Address book tab

I would like to see the capability to store contacts in BW. I see contacts as sensitive data and having a category similar to notes, cards, etc. would make a great solution. Autofill forms from the contacts list would be a nice feature, but not necessary. I’m simply looking for a secure address book.

While not a full “contact book” style Bitwarden does have the concept of identites.

Can you provide some examples of how your concept may work differently that you would like to see with this request?
Such as better indentity organizations, contact groups, or otherwise further details that may to detail the FR.

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I like the idea of being able to save up my contact list on BW and able to search through it ,as very less services implement the Client-side encryption properly and that too with a open source code.

For me the “identities” item type already suit my needs as it has all the fields in a contacts menu. You can add a “contacts” folder to categorize it separately from other identities and leave the extra fields so only relevant fields are displayed.

But the main problem currently is to easily import the contacts csv or a vcf file into BW and also to update it without getting duplicates.
According to the help article here we need to specifically condition a json file and not a csv file to enable users to import identities and card items.
Editing or converting to Json file with the required format would be really tedious task and we would need to build that file everytime we wanted to update the list. Also the problem of duplicates would still persisit.

Although you could also upload the CSV/vcf file as an attachment like a backup if thats what you want but ofcourse you’ll not be able to view or search through it in the app.