Additional item types (pre-defined)

WLAN, License/ID, Software key, Credit Card, Bank Account, Insurance…

I’ll add more if i think of them


Here’s a list I pulled from Enpass w/ prebuilt fields:


  • Credit Card

Cardholder, card type (Visa, master card etc), Card number, CVC, PIN, Expiry date, valid from, card limit, withdraw limit, issuing bank, website, username, login password, transaction password, issued on, if lost call

  • Bank Account

Bank name, Account Holder, Type, Account Number, Customer ID, Routing number, Branch name, Branch code, SWIFT, IBAN, Branch Address, Debit card number, card type, PIN, CVV, Expriry date, withdraw limit, webiste, username, login password, transaction password, helpline, T-PIN

  • Insurance Policy

Policy name, company, policy holder, policy number, type, premium, sum assured, issue date, renewal date, term, nominee, customer ID, website, username, password, agent name, helpline

  • Loan/Mortgage

Lender, type, account number, interest %, date, term, balance, payment due, asset, phone, website, username, password

  • Mutual Fund

fund name, fund type, launched on, purchased on, quantity, purchased NAV, current NAV, website, username, password, broker, phone

  • Stock Investment

Symbol, account number, type, market, launched on, purchased on, quantity, current price, website, username, password, broker, phone


  • Database

type, server, port, database, username, password, SID, Alias, options

  • Email Account

Email, username, password, type, POP3 server, IMAP server, port, security type, Auth method, weblink, SMTP server, port, username, password, security type, auth method, provider, website, local phone, helpline

  • FTP Account

server, path, username, password, provider, website, phone

  • Instant Messaging

Type, ID, server, port, nickname, username, password

  • Internet Service Provider

Username, password, dialup phone, ISP/System, IP address, subnet mask, gateway, primary DNS, secondary DNS, WINS, SMTP, POP3, NNTP, FTP, Telnet, Helpline, wibsite, billing info

  • Server

Admin login, Admin password, Admin URL, service, tasks, OS, RAM, Storage, CPU, RAID, location, IP address, DNS, port, hosting provider, support website, helpline, billing info

  • Web Hosting

Provider, username, password, admin URL, OS, Customer ID, HTTP, FTP, database, services, support website, helpline, fee

  • Wireless router

Station name, station password, network name, network password, security, MAC/Aitport #, Server/IP address, username, storage password, storage website, billing info


  • Driving License

Number, name, sex, birth date, address, height, weight, class, restrictions, state, expiry date, issued on, if lost, call

  • Outdoor License

number, name, state, region, country, valid from, axprity date, approved wildlife, quota

  • Software license

Version, product name, No. of users, Key, download page, licensed to, login page, username, password


  • Flight Detail

Flight number, airline, date, departure, arrival, time/gate, ticket number, confirmation number, website, username, password, phone

  • Frequent flyer

Membership number, name, airline, date, mileage, website, username, password

  • Hotel reservation

Hotel name, room number, address, reservation DI, date, nights, Hotels reward, phone, email, website, username, passwrod, concierge, resteraunt

  • Passport

Number, full name, sex, type, nationality, birth place, birthday, issued at, issuing country, authority, replacements, if lost call

  • Tavelling Visa

type, country, full name, number, valid for, valid from, valid until, duration, no of entries, issued by, issue date, passwort number, remarks, if lost call


  • Address

Name, door no, street, locality, city, state, zip, country, phone, email

  • Calling card

Access numner, provider, card number, PIN, pulse rate, expiry date, usage, website, username, password

  • Cell Phone info

Model, IMEI, lock code, SIM type, SIM number, PIN, PUK, IMSI, purchaed on, warranty

  • Cloth size

Name, suit, shoe, shirt, pants, inseam, skirt, gloves, waist, neck

  • Combination Lock

Location, code

  • Contact

First name, last name, company, phone (h), phone (m), phone (o), email

  • Emergency numbers

Police, Fire department, Ambulance, doctor, dentist, vet, electric, gas, phone company, landlord, other

  • ID card

ID number, title, full name, PIN, country, issued on, exprity date

  • ISIC card

card number, studies at, full name, born, issued on, expiry date

  • ITIC card

card number, teaches at, full name, born, issued on, expiry date

  • ITZ card

Card number, owner, pin, value, expiry date, usage, wbsite, username, password

  • Lens Perscription

type, right(OD), left(OD), doctor, phone

  • Perscription

doctor, RX #, name, pharmacy, phone, brand, drug, amount, take

  • Library card

card number, library, pin, hours, address, issued on, expiry date, website, username, password

  • membership card

member id, member name, organization, group, pin, phone, member since, expriy date, website, username, password, email

  • Property info

owner, address, type, maintenance amount, property ID, tax amount, tax due date, website, username, password, insurance, insurance premuim, policy number, expiry date, insurance helpline

  • Service provider

Provider, service type, customer ID, subscription ID, address, website, username, password, helpline

  • Social Security number

number, name, date

  • Vehicle info

Registration number, ownder, make, model, year, vehicle type, purchase date, VIN, onroad helpline, insurance provider, insurance amount, policy number, expiry date, insurance phone

  • voicemail

access number, pin

  • Voter card

full name, voter id, address, ward, location, congress, state seat, representative, address, issued on, website, username, password


Currently Bitwarden allows for custom fields in a secure note, which is great. But what would be even better is support to save those custom fields as a custom note type (template) and then allow sharing it within the organization?

Use case:
I use LastPass Enterprise and my IT team manages an AWS account. We rotate our user’s auth tokens every three months. There isn’t a current template that tracks: key, id, name, owner, instructions on rotation, and the last id. So I created one, but LP doesn’t allow to share that template to anyone. That kind of feature would be awesome, and could simplify things so you don’t have to try and create a template for every user. Allow the user to create, save, and share their own templates and just stick with the basic predefined ones.


It’d be good if this could be a website of its own with community-submitted templates. This way you can find and add the ones you want rather than having a long list of pre-defined item types that may not suit our needs.


Also especially for software licences, it would be awesome if custom icons could be stored with the item (supporting a format with transparency such as PNG for proper item background highlights in the item list).


Certainly a template system would be best. BW could ship with a number of templates already created, but no reason for these to be “special”. The user should be able to edit the provided templates and/or add their own custom types.

Having preset fixed templates (a-la LastPass) is never very satisfactory, because either they don’t work properly for everyone (the LastPass ones are US-centric in terminology), or there’s not one for your own particular requirement.

There’s one feature I would also like to see, related to importing from LastPass. The templated notes in LastPass are exported as name: value pairs in the Notes field. I’d love to be able to automatically convert that text into a set of populated custom fields for every note. This would actually be a useful everyday feature - you could create a note by typing name: value style into the notes field, then click a button which would reformat it into custom fields. A lot quicker than creating fields one at a time.


In addition to adding custom templates I would also allow to remove the default ones :blush:


I voted this up, but would prefer a template kind of system that allows one to pre-define types of accounts, or kinds of information I want stored in a data vault. Being able to add custom items is useful, but having to manually add the exact same custom items over and over and over is annoying. Rather than have Bitwarden have to create more and more types, it would be better if we could create and share our own types.


I would also suggest adding pre-defined item types based on types in other password managers, so import would be more seamless. If you do go with the template system suggested above, coming with a ‘batteries included’ set of predefined types that would show up as part of an import would be pretty slick!


Adding on to this: simply the ability to have an email AND a username field without needing to create custom text. Most people these days have multiple emails. And emails are always used as the “username”. So it’d be nice to know–by default–which account used which email without needing to create a custom field all the time.


+1 here, really annoyed how much organisation I lost in my vault when I jumped from LastPass


+1. I recently moved from Enpass and I lost a lot of utility from the lack of custom types, templates, and icons.


+1000 I would like have more customs types such as WiFi, Licence/ID, Software Keys and so with predefined fields (templates).


Are the last five items supported in Bitwarden? My vault does not show those.

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Nope, only the first four. Must be a typo in the original post.

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Would love a pre-defined ssh key template.


This, and a bit of polish, are the only reasons 1password is still in the back of my mind. If I saw this I would jump ship to Bitwarden forever and never look back.

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This is something we definetely need. Saving server credentials or keys on Login types does the job but can be definetely be improved (no URL, no icon, no user).

I switched from 1Password, yesterday. The import of my 350+ entries went smooth but my carefully crafted structure went out the window, because the 10 diffrent item types I used to categorize my entries in 1Password are only in part available in BitWarden. All of my software licences for example are now secure texts, so are my email and bank accounts and the list goes on. So PLEASE implement more item types and idealy an option to change the existing item type. That would make me buy the pro for sure.


Reading through here and seeing a lot of things that I like specifically the ability to have custom templates would be great, came from SafeInCloud and there are a few features that I really liked that have been lost:

Custom Templates, Able to remove stock templates, Custom icons, custom field types (expiry, dates, TOTP, etc)

It would be good if items instead of having hard coded fields at all were just a bunch of “custom fields”. Lets say I want to have an item with 4 TOTP fields?

A custom template for items would be able to be a collection of basically anything, additionally it should be possible to duplicate an item and also make a template from an existing item (where all the fields are blanked).

Thanks for the great work/software.

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