Additional item types (pre-defined)

Oh man. I was so close to switching from 1Pass, but I love all the categories they have already predefined. I will hold out a bit longer!


As an addition to this, it would be useful if each pre-defined type got its own icon (or at the very least color), so you can easily distinguish them!


I really want categories, custom fields doesn’t really help me unfortunately. But appreciate the suggestion.

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Templates, Templates, Templates. MOAR templates. This is a deal killer for growing users migrating from other password managers. There are 430 votes for this alone. It remains unimplemented after 2 years and still no movement or deliverable/roadmap/ETA announcements.

Add in 288 votes for Building my own pre-defined item types (templates).
Add in 173 votes for Add more pre-defined item types.
Add in 20 more for Building my own pre-defined item types (templates).

This is a critical blocking factor to BW’s future growth and adoption. It could even be monetized in the form of “basic” templates at the free level and “premium” templates at the premium/paid levels.

I too am deeply disappointed that I will not be migrating from LP due to this precise issue, and will be canceling premium and family plans. So much organization in LP has been lost and simply no corresponding capability in BW that is worth the amount of effort I have to put in to my migration to make BW passable as a replacement for the family.


I paid for premium for the year and no movement so I cancelled the premium when it just came up for renewal. Considering going back to 1Password.
This company doesn’t listen to what the users want.

@GadgetMan @mike808

Thanks for the feedback! We have this item high on our backlog and want to approach it in a way that is flexible for everyone.

We are working diligently to balance requests, and have released quite a few forum-requested features last year, and early this year, including but not limited to:

And a few more can be seen here: Bitwarden Roadmap

We are definitely listening, the pesky challenge is always that linear time/space issue we keep running into!


Oh, and no Touch ID support is a biggie for me as well.

@tgreer This is the most important feature request for many many users, including me. We’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

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Want to move from lastpass because they are changing their subscriptions. However I really need some categories like wifi, bank accounts, etc.
Please make this available!

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I do not understand why an item that has soo many votes is not on the roadmap. It seems that voting does not have a great influence on what is implemented in future versions.


Currently bitwarden has categories

  • Personal
  • Cards
  • Secure note
  • Login

I think it would be helpful to have a new category called “Identity document” for things like passports and driving license with fields

  • First name
  • Last name
  • ID number
  • Issue date
  • Expiry Date
  • Uploaded document

This might be a duplicate of this one:


I paid for premium a few ago after being a long time user. I cant expect features without supporting and some great features have been added in the last year. I saw yesterday that this feature was not on the new roadmap and was extremely disappointed. Some great features have been added in the last year and understand why this was not added then- there is an alternative to this but not a trashcan. But not seeing it on the 2021 roadmap is a huge let down.

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Really needed feature, and reading the comments, yes for the templates and flexibility to choose which to use.
One IMPORTANT feature is auto add data for wifi !

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Thank you for your unlimited patience and grace in here. It is frustrating that this feature isn’t available yet but I’ve been here long enough to really appreciate the team’s development pace and priorities.


Add one more vote for this request. We’re trying to migrate from mSecure and not having the custom type is a total dealbreaker when managing hundreds of clients.

Having the option to create my own templates would keep me out of Lastpass. I would love to see this feature request taken into account and built into Bitwarden.

I am going to have to say Good Bye to Bitwarden, I jumped in head first with them and paid for the first year of premium, but they have not added categories, have not added bank accounts and such things, so I am giving up on Bitwarden and going back to 1password as they also have 2FA built in as well.

Take Care and stay safe everyone.

You could have done that and more yourself. It is called Custom Fields.


I completely 100% +1 this!