Adding items to Collections in iOS App

I created a secure note and a login in the iOS app but don’t see a way to share it or copy it into a Collection. I see there’s a way to copy to a Folder. Any reason why this is not available to a Collection? Is it because the Collection is shared with me?

Unrelated - but the app also doesn’t allow you to create a Collection.

Collections are not integrated to mobile apps yet. You can only view items in collections that are shared with you but you can’t share items or manage collections.

If I create a login in a collection for which I am the owner, I cannot see that login on the iOS app. You mention that I should be able to see items in collections shared by others, but is it true that I can’t see items in collections I own?

Hi kbd, I found your topic when searching for the same answer and I’ve found how to do it.

This works for all types, logins, cards, identities, secure notes.

For the login you’ve already made, go to Logins and tap on the … to the right of the login. Select View, then the horizontal … in the top right corner, then Collections, then you can choose which Collection you want it in. This won’t take it out of Logins if you’ve got a Family account.

To make a login so it automatically ends up in Collections, when you’re in My Vault, select the Collection you want then click the + sign. At the bottom of the Add Item page, you can select which Collection you want the item in.