Adding Custom TLDs

I have URLs saved with several internal domain TLDs, which obviously don’t match the list of TLDs BitWarden expects and as such, it matches all URLs on the TLD even though the sites are different.

Is it possible to add these to a custom list of TLDs so I don’t have to change the matching rules on every single domain?

I’m not sure I fully understand the problem you are describing, but Bitwarden does allow you to customize “equivalent domains” (e.g., making equivalent to, or even to You can find this in the Web Vault, in the “Domain Rules” section of the Account Settings.

Hi grb, thanks for your response but this isn’t quite what I’m after. For example, if I had the Windows domain net.local, with servers named server1 and server2, I could reach websites on those servers via and respectively. However, as net.local isn’t a ‘real’ TLD, BitWarden treats these domains as equivalent and will show saved logins for both when visiting either.

Sorry, I should’ve been clearer in my original post.

In that case, set the URI Match Detection method for those URIs to “Host” instead of “Default”.