Adding Biometric authentication with Master password re-prompt

Feature description

To add Biometric authentication as an option to use when asked for Master password re-prompt.
Right now when we’re asked for Master password re-prompt there is only an option to input Master Password. It would be easy if there was an option to use Biometric instead of Master password.

I 2nd that! Would be very useful especially if master passwd re-prompt is used often.


Voted! :+1: My master pw is rather long :roll_eyes: as it should be, so yes the retyping is getting to my arthritic fingers… at least my fingerprint hasn’t gotten too wrinkly yet!


Yes exactly, my master pw is also long and I find it very hard to type that every time. I moved to Bitwarden from Lastpass about 5 months ago and that’s the only feature I’m really missing.

Rather than “Master password reprompt”, perhaps it should be called “Reauthenticate”?

Lastpass absolutely nailed this functionality. It can reauthenticate biometrically and also keeps a separate timeout on the reauthentication.

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I signed up to make this suggestion, but its already on the board.

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Revisiting this topic as a new user. I recently moved over from LastPass and, so far, THIS is the one thing that I’m really missing.

It was super easy to reauthenticate using biometrics via LastPass and, as the other user mentioned, still secure because it had a time-out feature as well.

Please, please add this feature to Bitwarden (both mobile and browser-based).

Thank you.

I also made an account just to comment on this thread - Totally second the need for biometric re-authentication!

I have master password re-prompt enabled for all my sensitive passwords, and while re-typing them in a computer isn’t so bad, typing a 15+ long password each time I’m trying to fill-in a sensitive password in my phone can get pretty annoying.

As someone who came over from lastpass, this is the single most feature that I find lacking - using fingerprint to re-authenticate when using bitwarden from a device.