Adding attachments?

I’m new to Bitdefender Password Manager and am struggling to add attachments to notes. I’ve read here that you must hover over the note title and the attachment option will appear. Nope. I’ve read that you must save the note then go back to edit where you’ll get the attachment option. Nope. I’ve read the File Attachment help doc that instructs to select “attachments” from the menu. I have no “attachment” option in my menu. I’ve checked - the attachment option doesn’t exist for accounts or notes. I’ve tried the desktop extension and the android app. No attachment capability in either place. Super frustrating. Can anyone offer me help?


  1. Was that a typo (“Bitdefender Password Manager”) or are you in the wrong forum? :wink:

  2. Assuming you have a personal and free Bitwarden account: then you can’t add attachments as far as I know. (see Bitwarden Password Manager Pricing | Bitwarden)

My bad - wrong forum

Here you go:

Yep, got there. Thanks and again, my apologies.

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