Adding 2FA with setup key

I’ve been locked out of Bitdefender. It stubbornly refuses to use the 2FA code from Bitwarden even though it’s worked fine for years and hasn’t been changed. That’s a separate problem…

Bitdefender offers you a secret key as another way of setting up 2FA. Instead of scanning a QR code, you enter this key. I can’t see how to use this key in Bitwarden? Only seem to be able to scan a QR code.

I’ve had to use Google Authenticator as that has an option to use setup key. Paste in the secret key and all good.

If this functionality missing from Bitwarden?

On mobile apps (iOS and Android), when you tap the :camera: Set up TOTP button, you should see a link labeled Enter Code Manually at the bottom of the screen. You should then be able to manually enter the TOTP “secret key” into the Authenticator Key field.

Alternatively, if you edit the vault item in Bitwarden on a computer, you should see a field named Authenticator Key (TOTP) just below the username and password fields, where you can paste the TOTP “secret key”:

Browser Extension:

Web Vault:

Thanks for that - I’d assumed incorrectly that the key had to be this url type format of otpauth://totp/etc… I was looking in the browser extension and hadn’t spotted the option to enter a key when scanning a QR code on the mobile app.

Couldn’t believe Bitwarden didn’t do this :slight_smile: